1.1 Why train your dog?

Why train our dogs?

It’s the best thing you can do for your dog. When we welcome a dog into our family, there are expectations on what a dog should do and shouldn’t do. These expectations are largely different from how dogs behave in their natural environment. Dog training is how we help dogs succeed in our world.

This is challenging for dogs and the most obvious reason is simply they can’t speak. The puppy was removed from his mother from young and knows close to nothing. Some puppies have not even learnt to play with their siblings. Yet some people expect them to come in a perfect box knowing where to pee, not barking and coming when called. This often leads to frustrated dog owners who don’t understand why their dog is “naughty”.

Modern dog training aims teach owners how their dogs think. The process of teaching a dog and understanding why it does or does not perform the behavior allows us to develop a deeper relationship with our dog.

What is dog training? Dog training has a few components to create a confident and connected dog.

  • Management (concepts on prevention and building engagement)
  • Handling techniques by owner
  • Understanding the science of how dogs learn
  • Developing a communication and reward system
  • Behavior conditioning in the dog
  • Incorporating cues
  • Teaching impulse control