1.5 What is an ideal dog?

There is no right or wrong answer to this as everyone has their own expectations of an ideal dog.
For me, an ideal pet dog has:
  • no bad behaviors
  • calm
  • can learn and apply good behaviors
  • is engaged and attentive to owner
  • happy
A dog described above doesn’t come by naturally. Some dogs are born genetically wired with certain traits e.g. barking, fighting, working ethic, fear. You need time and effort to help a dog develop in a way you want.
This course is best suited for food and play motivated dogs. This course is not suited for fearful dogs. For fearful dogs, you will need to first work on building the trust before training can take place. For help on working with fearful dogs, especially newly adopted mongrels, please PM me for more information.
What is your ideal dog?