A structured syllabus to reinforce behaviours and keep your dog meaningfully engaged. Our training philosophy is drawn upon many experts in the field of dog training and methods backed by scientific research that explains how dogs learn and how best to teach them. Our teachers will be conducting 1 on 1 engagement with your pups. It’s all about having fun! 

Reward-based training is enjoyable for your dog and positively enhances the relationship between you and your dog. This approach revolves around positive reinforcement. Rewards may be in the form of tasty treats or verbal praises such as ‘yes’ in a pleasant tone of voice, to be given when the dog performs the ‘good’ behaviour. For many dogs, the process of learning is reinforcing and sparks their  interest to learn more!



Early socialisation for your puppy is vital as it provides a positive impact on your dog’s life. A well socialised puppy is at ease when meeting people, other dogs and in different environments. Our puppy playschool exposes your pups gradually to various social elements and gets them ready for real world situations. 

Part of our efforts to make days more meaningful and fun for your pups is to bring them out for monthly swims. Swimming is a good exposure to another element and is a low impact sport that builds up the confidence of your pup. Please take note that this event has limited slots and is subjected to availability. Priority will be given to regular daycare attendees.  


Do you need more help to manage your dog’s behaviour? We offer our professional advice from certified trainers to first offer you humane options. We share with you our knowledge and understanding of how dogs learn and how best to teach them. Contact us today to speak to our trainer.

1 hour per session
6 lessons in total
Owner and dog must be present
1 on 1 Session
$ 200.00
/ Session
Lesson 1

Clicker Training + Management + Conditioning skills

Sit / Stand + Focus

Lesson 2

Down + Touch
Desensitisation activities

Lesson 3

Go to mat + stays
Desensitisation activities

Lesson 4
Mat skills + Stays with distance & distractions
Lesson 5

Recalls + Leave it + Trade
Loose leash walking 1

Lesson 6

Generalising focus behaviours outdoors
Loose leash walking 2