Our Campus

Our campus is specially designed with your dog’s needs and wants in mind. From hospital grade flooring to veterinarian grade sanitising solutions, we pay attention to every detail in ensuring a safe, hygienic and fun environment for your dogs to play and learn.

Thomson campus

Nestled in the quaint neighbourhood of Adelphi park estate is our cosy campus. This campus has both indoor and outdoor spaces and the dogs simply love it. This happy space is conducive for your dogs to have a fun time frolicking with their friends. 

Katong campus

Located at the vibrant pet friendly neighbourhood of Katong, is our daycare and boarding house. The playroom and suites are spacious to ensure your dog can have a fun filled time socialising and enjoy relaxing evenings during their stays. We also love the East Coast of Singapore as it has plenty of green spaces where we can bring your dogs to explore!