Our Campus

Our campus is specially designed with your dog’s needs and wants in mind. From safety doors to pet friendly sanitising solutions, we pay attention to every detail in ensuring a safe, hygienic and fun environment for your dogs to play and learn.



Nestled within the quaint neighbourhood at Adelphi park estate, our 1800 square feet campus features an indoor playroom, outdoor playground and a pet spa. The indoor play area is fully air conditioned. We’ve installed anti slip floorings in our indoor playroom to ensure there’s shock absorption on your dog’s joints while they are having a good time. Our outdoor playground provides your dogs a good romp and exercise under the sun.


Webcam streaming is available for our indoor play area and outdoor playground. A high priority is placed on transparency and open communication.


Our campus is sanitised daily to ensure a high level of hygiene. We utilise pet friendly sanitising agents to disinfect our campus. Our bio enzymatic spot cleaners are non toxic and effectively neutralises odour.


Our pet spa places emphasis on stress free and relaxing groom sessions. The spa is spacious and there is always full attention on your dog during grooms and spa sessions.