7 Benefits of Socialising your dog at The Snuggery!


The most

important key factor in having a mentally healthy dog is having a confident dog. This means that he/she is comfortable interacting with new

dogs of all sizes, breeds and colours plus unfamiliar strangers they have never sniffed before. Having your dog be constantly exposed to new elements is a great way to increase his confidence in every scenario!

Being fluent in dog language

All dogs communicate via a universal

dog language and regular

socialising will ensure that your dog is able to

read signs that other dogs are trying to convey. A growl will teach your dog to give

space to a dog that is shy and a play bow will show that it’s time for some fun!


Whether it’s chasing other dogs, playing fetch with our awesome staff or going for walks, we have it all catered to your dog’s personality. Having mental and physical exercise keeps your dog well balanced and engaged. They will go home having had

a fulfilling day.


We don’t always have the time to clean our dogs after a day out at the beach or after a muddy park romp, hence The Snuggery is the perfect place to play as it is cleaned and sanitised every day and the environment is regularly treated with flea & tick prevention.


Having a live

stream involves you in your dog’s

day and you are a part of their experience here with us. You get to see their new friends and their nap times!


We provide caring dog lovers who get to know each individual dog as if they were their own

and tailor their interactions with them to what their needs and wants are. This ranges from playing with them, cuddling up during nap time, brushing their fur and many more activities!


We here at The Snuggery are dedicated to ensuring that we provide the best for your dog. Let us get to

know you and your pet better and we will prove to be the best

decision you have made for your dog’s care.

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