2.2.1 Food and Treats

  • Owner should personally feed the dog
  • Do not start with food that is too tasty, must contrast with treats. Also allow for meal upgrade in case dog is fussy.
  • Dog should finish meals in 5 min. Remove food that is not finished.
  • Do not leave food accessible throughout the day
  • Make your dog do something before giving food
  • There’s no need to take food away to assert authority
  • Do not overfeed your dog. Give less food if training a lot with treats
  • Do not leave food accessible throughout the day
  • Dog must like the treat you use e.g. smelly, meaty treats
  • Treats should be higher value than regular food
  • Use higher value treats for more difficult tasks
  • Treats should be soft, healthy, easy to cut, doesn’t fall apart
  • Size of treat should be small (slightly smaller than a dice)
  • Biting or chewing disrupt the practice
  • Square treats are easier to handle
  • Use treat pouch during training and ziploc bag for easy access treat station