2.1 Management Concepts

Before a dog learns obedience skills, there are two important management concepts (1) Prevent Issues and (2) Build Engagement (focus and attention). Our methodology emphasizes on building positive bonds, hence the emphasis on finding ways to not scold them for things that dogs naturally do.
We prevent issues by understanding the reasons the issues arise and actively prevent them.
We build engagement (focus and attention) so that the dog will do things for us.
These two concepts will be broken down and taught in the following order:
  • Prevent issues and bad behaviors to AVOID SCOLDING your dog
  • Control access for dog to build engagement
  • Progressive Socialization to prevent fear related behaviors and chasing habits
  • Play with your dog to double your value
  • Develop Habit of engagement in daily life
  • Redirect bad behaviors to avoid scolding your dog
  • Channeling their attention e.g. no playing with other dog, no chasing prey