How dog daycare can enrich your dogs live

There are various activities that you and your dog can engage to enrich their lives. Dog daycare is one of the avenues where your dog gets to meet their own species and learn how to interact and play with each other. Most daycares will ensure the compatibility of dog’s playstyle and characters prior to having the dogs join daycare. 

Benefits of dog daycare includes

1. Safe Socialisation

There are not many opportunities and spaces in a busy city for your dog to socialise off leash. Dog daycare provides an avenue for your dogs to interact and learn to socialise in a controlled environment. Like human beings, dogs are social beings and they should have the freedom and opportunity to interact with their own species. Moreover, many of them enjoy playing with their friends and having fun at daycare. 
2. Exercise
Due to your busy work schedule, your dog might be cooped up alone at home and not getting enough exercise. While many owners are having a hybrid work arrangement post pandemic, their heavy workloads might still not allow them to bring their dogs for a long walk and trail sniff. Attending daycare allows your dog to play and exercise and fulfills their physical needs to have a good workout for the day.

3. Enriches your dog’s routine.
Other than spending fulfilling weekends with you. If your dog enjoys daycare, there’s something in the week for them to look forward to. Daycare program provides a structured and fun day for your dogs. Breaks and rest time help regulate their play. Dogs like children, loves routine. When the routines are kept consistent, the dogs know what to expect and feel safe and happy in the environment.  We consistently observe that our regular daycare dog attendees (seeing the same group of friends and humans) are confident and happy at daycare. However, some dogs face anxiety when they attend adhoc sessions as they might feel overwhelm and not know what to expect. 

4. Engages them meaningfully
Some daycare curriculum includes a variety of activities that provides your dog with the opportunity to learn and games to help with mental stimulation. At our daycare, our enrichment activities includes reinforcing positive obedience and calming behaviours, IQ puzzles and obstacles course.  We believe that these enrichment helps stimulate your dog’s senses and make their life more interesting and fulfilling

5. Peace of Mind

It is important that your dog is not stressed up when separated from you. Daycare helps to prepare your dog for situations where you will not be present. It can also prepare your dog for boarding. 

While some dogs thrive and look forward to dog daycare, some might find it over stimulating for them. Every dog is different and you will need to look for a daycare program that fits your dog’s  energy level and character. You can observe your dog’s energy levels and feedback from the daycare to better understand if the program is suited for your dog.