4.3 Loose Leash Walking and Heeling

Understanding why dogs pull

Humans walk at a slower pace than dogs.

  • Dogs are led by their noses and keen to investigate smells
  • Dogs are excited by things in the environment e.g. other dogs

To train them to follow our slow pace and to not follow their scent is not natural for them. It requires training.The difficult part in teaching a fast walking dog not to pull the leash is that they can’t see us when they are ahead. The dog’s only guide as to whether they are pulling is leash pressure. For insensitive dogs or dogs that are distracted by a scent, they end up pulling.The solution is:

  1. Understand concept of yielding to Leash Pressure
  2. Conditioned to learn that leash pulling will not get them forward

We teach loose leash walking in the basic obedience classes. Many people think have a wrong concept of heeling