Mdm Seah with Riley & Taro

Riley and Taro have been attending daycare with The Snuggery for a few years now! They started attending playschool when they were puppies. Riley has been a timid dog, hiding at corners when he encountered other dogs. Over time, he has grown in confidence and stated playing with other dogs and enjoys his weekly swim lessons! Taro has always been a playful dog. He enjoys daycare to the fullest and loved interacting with dogs of all sizes. His eyes brighten up whenever he hears the word – Snuggery! He just can’t wait to head over to daycare!

The Staff at Snuggery are friendly, animal lovers and patient. You can tell that they really love the dogs like their own. The spend time patting them, walking them and playing with them. Riley and Taro are also able to join them for outings to Gardens by the Bay and Botanical gardens on various occasions.

When at work or holiday, we are always relaxed to know that Riley and Taro are well taken care of Snuggery. They simply love it there!



The Snuggery, 13 Lichfield Rd, Singapore 556833, +65 8716 7550
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