What is the outdoor walk for?

More fun added into your dog’s daycare routine. If you are too busy to exercise your dog or you have a high energy dog, outings can benefit your dog by giving them a good workout and getting in touch with nature.

Where are the dogs headed to?

Currently, we are bringing the dogs down to either Gardens by the bay area / Bishan park or Botanic gardens.

When are the dog outings?

It’s on every Tuesday. With the exception of unfavourable weather conditions and the last two weeks of December.

What is the total cost and what is included?

It is $20 for this walking service. Transport is included. We’ll depart from The Snuggery at 10am and we’ll return to The Snuggery around 12.30PM. $20 payment is an additional payment not inclusive of daycare charges. 2nd dog discount of 20% is applicable for our dog outing service. 

Do you provide just this walking service without daycare?

No, this service if an extension of our daycare service.

If I reach The Snuggery past 10am, can my dog still join the walk?

We depart at 10.30am sharp, please drop off your dog by 10.00am.

What is the duration of the walk?

The walk ranges between 30 – 40 mins depending on your dog’s fitness level and weather conditions.

How will the dogs be transported to each location?

We will arrange transport for the dogs to be ferried to the various locations. There will be a handler to dog ratio of 1:5 accompanying the dogs to ensure their safety. 

What are the safety precautions implemented?

All dogs will be leashed using our slip leads and securely attached to our shoulder sling for additional safety. You may request for your own dog’s leashes and harness to be layered on top of our slip leads for additional security. 

Walking routes chosen are shaded and a water break and rest will be given to dogs for each outing

A handler will handle a maximum of 5 dogs on each walk. The dogs will be grouped according to their play styles and their fitness level.

We will stop walking a dog if we notice any anomaly in breathing patterns or any behaviours in a dog. The dog will rest at a sheltered rest point.

All Snuggery handlers present for the outing are either certified canine first aid responders or trained in canine first aid. 

Sounds great! How do I go about booking in my dog for this activity?

Prior to this activity, your dog must have passed our trial so that we can assess his suitability. If your dog is already joining us for daycare, you will just need to book the outing with us three days in advance/ by Sunday. For confirmation, we’ll need the payment of $20 to be made to us by Sunday. We will also send you the Outing agreement and waiver form, please read through the terms carefully prior to signing up for your dog.

Simply reach us at 87167550 for more information on the doggo outings.