While you’re away, your dog wants to play!

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Dogs enjoy companionship with other dogs just as much as with us humans. Doggy daycare provides your pet with healthy social interactions with other dogs plus the love and care from our experienced handlers! Expand your dog’s social circle with our pre-assessed group of well-balanced dogs.

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Designed for interactive stimulation, our playroom is perfect for your dogs to run around, have tonnes of fun playing and get their physical and mental energy spent. Carefully selected toys that challenge your dog’s IQ and satisfy their cravings as canines have been put out for their pure enjoyment, engaging their sense of sight and smell.

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Enjoy watching your pooch over our live webcams, while you relax knowing that fido is in good company. We offer live streaming of our 2 rooms from 9am to 5pm daily. This way, you can always keep an eye on your pet and rest easy knowing they are in cloud 9.

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All packages are valid for 3 months.