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Our team says Hello!

You had us at Woof. Our team is made up of passionate dog lovers that strive to provide the best practises in the pet care service. We create a positive team spirit that shines through in the work we do.

Mei Zi

Mei Zi graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She is interested in human behaviours and more intrigued with behaviour traits of dogs. Growing up with dogs since a young age, she is instinctively sensitive to a dog’s behavioural cues. Mei Zei spends her free time unwinding with her family and sharing interesting anecdotes about the dogs coming to school.


Magdelyn is currently pursuing her degree in Business administration majoring in human resource. She finds joy in being surrounded by dogs and being able to care for them. She is observant and sensitive to dog’s body languages and is constantly looking to deepen her skills and knowledge on how to handle and care for dogs.


Elayne graduated from National University of Singapore with a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences. After serving as an education officer, she decided to pursue her passion in training and grooming dogs. She is an avid dog behaviourist and believes in the importance or providing holistic development for our dogs.

In 2014, She attained her Dog trainer’s certification from the renowned Michael Elis Dog Trainers School in California.
In 2016, She was awarded First for the Beginners UKI agility trial. 

 In 2017, She obtained a Level 3 UK Certificate in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals issued by Greyfriars Veterinary Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy Referrals. She is also certified as a Canine first aid responder.
In 2019, She and her team attended UK’s renowned dog behaviorist Craig Ogilvie’s workshop to improve interaction and engagement techniques. She has also attained her SKC Class C grooming certification.   


Joanna is currently pursuing her degree in hospitality and management but always had a strong passion for dogs. Her passion for animals is heavily influenced by the pets she had throughout her life. She has more than a year of work experience in the pet industry and is keen to develop her skills and knowledge further. She spends her free time watching K dramas and curating her eclectic inventory of teas and mala snacks. 


Amy graduated from Singapore University of Social sciences with a Bachelor’s degree in early childhood education with psychology. During her time as a preschool educator, she collaborated with animal shelters to help raise awareness about caring for pets. She is strongly passionate about animal welfare and is also a certified first aid responder. Her deep love of animals since a young age prompted her to seek a career change. She spends her free time watching educational dog training videos and spending time with her senior rescue dog.