Our Vision & Mission

Every dog an engaged, well balanced and happy canine companion.

To elevate dog ownership experience by providing meaningful engagements to enrich our dog’s lives. To inspire a pet loving community and nation.

At Snuggery, we are inspired to nurture well balanced and happy dogs. We believe in a holistic approach by providing a few areas of development: safe socialisation, essential physical exercise and cognitive development. Needless to say, dogs will be showered with tonnes of hugs and cuddles!

We firmly standby the belief that businesses should be run ethically especially when it comes to our beloved pets. It’s our top priority to run our centre with passion and care for our dogs. We do not compromise when it comes to safety, hygiene and transparency. Hence, the webcam! We also ensure that all dogs that join us are up to date with their vaccines and screened for their temperament prior to joining our daycare.

Pet Parents welcome a pet into their families understanding that they are responsible for them their whole life. There’s no denying that all pet parents want to give their dogs the attention and care they deserve. However, with long work schedules, it’s inevitable that a dog’s needs might at times be compromised. We are here with you on this lifelong journey (though it can be short!) to support both you and your dog’s needs. Dogs, like humans, are social creatures and they crave for meaningful interactions with their environment. Our daycare program ensures your dog is having fun, meaningfully engaged and safe in our environment.

Our passionate team of dog lovers are ready to add on the spark to your dog’s life. We look forward to every new day of adventure with your dog!

Say Hello to Our Team

You had us at Woof. We are a passionate team of dog lovers that strive to be at the forefront of dog care services.



Elayne graduated from National University of Singapore with a bachelor's degree in Social Sciences. After serving as an education officer, she decided to pursue her passion in training and grooming dogs. She is an avid dog behaviourist and believes in the importance or providing holistic development for our dogs.

In 2014, She attained her Dog trainer's certification from the renowned Michael Elis Dog Trainers School in California.
In 2016, She was awarded First for Beginners UKI agility trial.
In 2017, She obtained a Level 3 UK Certificate in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals issued by Greyfriars Veterinary Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy Referrals. She is also certified as a Canine first aid responder.
In 2019, She and her team attended UK’s renowned dog behaviourist Craig Ogilvie’s workshop to improve interaction and engagement techniques. She has also attained her SKC Class C grooming certification.



Elerina is the operations manager & assistant trainer of The Snuggery. Since 2015, she has been part of The Snuggery team. She owns various pets throughout her life and has a passion for animal behaviours. She spends her free time deepening her knowledge on dog training and nutrition. Since 2018, Elerina is a certified canine first aid responder. In 2019, Elerina’s continuous effort to improve her knowledge in dog care allowed her to attain a Level 3 UK certificate in Hydrotherapy for small Animals issued by Greyfriars veterinary Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy referrals. In the same year, she also attended renowned UK dog behaviourtist, Craig Ogilvie’s workshop to learn proper engagement techniques and steps to intervene for behavioural issues.


Alson has been part of the team since 2017. He has experiences with multiple pet dogs throughout his life and is delighted to be able to work in an environment surrounded by dogs. His passion for pet photography and videography also led to productions of our daycare dog’s pictures and films. He spends his free time reading up on dog behaviour management. Since 2019, Alson is also a certified canine first aid responder. In the same year, he also attended renowned UK dog behaviourtist, Craig Ogilvie’s workshop to learn proper engagement techniques and steps to intervene for behavioural issues.


April graduated from RMIT with a Bachelor's degree in Business Marketing and a Diploma in Business Administration majoring in Tourism from Singapore Polytechnic. With seven years of corporate experience, April decided to make a career change to become a professional pet groomer. In 2019, April was awarded the SKC's 19th Open Class Award of Merit (3rd place) grooming examination.

April continues to pursue the latest trend in canine grooming. Her specialities are in double-coated breeds, poodles and coat care. Aside from being a working mum, April is an avid photographer and learns cinematography in her spare time.


Boon Fong

Boon Fong graduated from NTU with a bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronic engineering. After working in the softwarre engineering industry, she decided to make a career switch in 2018 to pursue her passion of bring a dog trainer.

Since 2014, she has been volunteering with multiple shelters to help dogs to be rehomed to their new families. Finding suitable adopters for the dogs and guiding the dogs to navigate their new life with their families giver her a great sense of satisfaction. It brings her joy to be able to pass on the skills of modern dog training methods to families to help them raise a happy and well balanced dog.