John Chai

I went overseas for the holiday season. I left Latte at The Snuggery with some worry. While overseas, I could login via their Webcam and could see vividly that Latte was happily playing with other dogs or taking a quiet rest. The Webcam showed the People managing and running the Day Care and Boarding are True Dog Lovers; Good-hearted folks and very patient. Live Video do not lie. From here it shows the high level of Care, Warmth, Passion and Professionalism in them. I sincerely applaud them. It is not commercialization in place but a family oriented caring place for animals. Thank You Very Much to Owners and Care- Givers in The Snuggery. 7-Jan-2016


The Snuggery, 13 Lichfield Rd, Singapore 556833, +65 8716 7550
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