Finding the Snuggery has made my life as a dog owner so much easier. I don’t need to worry about the dogs at all when they are at daycare because I know she is being well looked after, learning and having fun socialising with other dogs. Elayne and Melissa are absolutely fantastic and professional – and the dogs clearly love them! They are very helpful with advice, even went out of their way to assist us in an unexpected situation at home, when we were out of town and Sadie was there for her staycation.

The convenience of the webcam is also great to peek on the dogs through the day, and we, of course, appreciate the video and photo updates!

Sadie has boundless energy while Jojo prefers to chill a lot of the time – both are well catered for here. Sadie has been attending the Snuggery for over two months now and it’s been great for her socilisation and my confidence with her around other dogs! She always comes home a very sleepy dog. Thanks for taking such good care of them!


The Snuggery, 13 Lichfield Rd, Singapore 556833, +65 8716 7550
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