The Snuggery is the only place where Ashley looks forward to weekly to mingle, socialize and play. She’s 6 years old but behaves like a 6-mth pup the minute she arrives @ the daycare. She’s always excited and eager to dash into the centre the moment she gets off from the car. Although she can be reactive to some dogs outside, at the Snuggery, she’s an “angel” and has almost no issues with any dogs. This is how amazing this place is. The owners, Melissa and Elayne are two wonderful ladies who display genuine care and commitment to the dogs under their charge. Together with their assistants they ensure the dogs play safely, learn good habits n manners etc. The web cam also allows me to take frequent peeks at how and what Ashley’s doing. The video updates they send always show a very energetic and playful Ashley. Seeing that puts me at ease and convinces me that Ashley is definitely having loads of fun and enjoying herself. When it comes to boarding, it’s non other than The Snuggery too as I know it’s the only place where Ashley will have no separation anxiety and be most comfortable with. A BIG thank you to Mel, Elayne and the assistants for their care and love.


The Snuggery, 13 Lichfield Rd, Singapore 556833, +65 8716 7550
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